In order to ensure our safety, I ask that all new clients be screened and verified prior to our date so that things go smoothly and effortlessly.  In order to be verified, please be able to provide the details listed below.  Click here to email me your information.

(1)  Provide contact information for two legitimate professional                   providers:

-- legitimate professional providers have websites and/or reviews on appropriate sites

-- have had a visit with the provider(s) within the last year

-- please be sure that the provider(s) are willing to give references


(2)  Vouched, verified, white-listed, etc. on any of these web                        sites:

-- Preferred 411 with at least 2 provider 'okays'

-- Indys

-- Avenue-X

-- Grain Belt News



(3)  Brief Bio

-- name, age, height, weight, occupation

-- any hobbies/interests you have (we may have something in common!)



If you are brand new, or do not have reliable provider references, I will need to verify you via your employer.  The screening process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.  This is the info I will need in order to do that:

 Click here to email me your information.


(1)  A copy of your photo ID

- Full name and birthdate must be visible

- SSN and address can be blacked out


(2)  Employment Info

- Company/Employer info and website

- Send me an email from your work email (I use a      different email for this)

- Phone number or email of your HR department (so  I can verify you are employed there)


(3)  Social Media Accounts

- Please send links to any/all social media accounts:  Facebook, twitter, Linked-In, etc.

- I will contact you via social media (from a neutral/non-hobby account)


(4)  $50 Screening Fee 

- I use a trust-worthy screening service  for all new clients

- Deposit is required before the screening process can begin

- Please contact me to determine which deposit method will work the best for you


Consultation Rates


$300/hr  or $200/hhr

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

***Extended dates available.  Please email for details.