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Hobby Phone Issues - Fixed Now!

Well, I burned up the battery in hobby phone at the beginning of this month. I guess that is what happened to it. I have a 'friend' that fixes my phones and ipads when I break the screen or mess up something else with my electronics (which happens often - OOPS!). Anyway, I told him that it looks like the phone is charging, but never charges or turns on (I know my chargers were working), and he told me that it was a fried battery, and that he probably had one at his house. So he took my phone, and said he would bring it back the next day - that was on September 30th. He hasn't answered my calls or texts since then. I know where he lives, but I'm just too lazy to drive all the way over there to Latonia, KY. I was worried about him, since I have not heard from him; I was scared he was hurt on in jail. But the more I think about it, the more I think he ripped me off for a measly $200 phone - if that. That phone was a 64GB gold iPhone 5S, beat to hell (LOL), and the headphone jack and the camera doesn't work. He said he didn't have a regular job anymore, so was probably went back to hustling phones. Whatever. I would have loaned him money -- if it's true that he jacked my phone. But he is no longer my friend until he at least returns my broken phone :(

I have another phone and phone number; I just don't like to use it, and I can't even remember the number to it most of the time, anyway. I just bought a cheap iPhone 5 for my 'hobby' phone, but I think I'm going to break down and just buy an iPhone 6 series. I break my phones so much, though, that I hate to pay full retail for a phone :)

Anyway, this is why I always like to use email :) I'm always having phone issues - hence the back-up phone. So if you texted me or called me earlier this month - I'm sorry, I had to replace my phone. Oh, and I don't really check my voicemail much either :)

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