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July 10, 2015


I did it! I finally taught myself how to upload my XXX videos to my site. Now, I'm experimenting with the blog feature and videos - hopefully I can use the blog format and post all new videos/pictures on here, first. If I get it figured out, everyone will be able to check here first for all new hot and sexy media :)

Great news! I've added a few new videos to the Premium Members only video page. Hopefully I will have another video uploaded by the end of the day (I have to watch it first and trim it up and edit it a bit), and then I have no more action videos. I guess that means I will have to make a dildo video with my favority toy, Pinkie - click here to see what she looks like :)

It's the beginning of a big weekend for me - lots of dates, and lots of fun going on downtown. And, of course, Tuesday is the All-Star game; I'll be there - speaking of which, I need to make my sign for the game. I'll post a picture of it when I do, so you can look for me in the stands. I'm almost temted to wear a Reds bikini to the game - it's supposedly going to be super hot that day, anyway, with a possiblity of showers and thunderstorms (just like the weather since last winter, ha ha ha).

#pornhub #videos #premiummembers #CincinnatiReds #newsite

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