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All-Star Game Excitement

It's All-Star Sunday!!!! Just two days until the biggest sportest event Cincinnati has ever hosted (at least since I moved here in 2009). There are so many people downtown; there is so much to do from OTR all the way to Newport/Covington; there are giant mustache statues everywhere! If you haven't heard by now - I will be at the game, and I'm so excited! I wish it was today, and I wish for clear, sunny skies and NO RAIN!

Anyway, I have had my All-Star tickets ever since the tickets became available for purchase. Don't worry - I'm not sitting in 'Charlie Sheen' seats - I'm way out in left field - but I'm not complaining! I didn't buy my ticket - Charlie Sheen did (just kidding! I wish!). Charlie Sheen is a HUGE Reds baseball fan. Someone told me last night he grew up in this area - around Dayton, I think is where he said - but I didn't believe it, and I haven't googled it yet to see if it's true. I also didn't bet he was wrong (he tried to get me to bet). Anyhow, I'm sure Charlie Sheen is in town right now, probably hanging out in the Reds Clubhouse with all the players drinking Tiger Blood. Our team sure does need all the Tiger Blood they can get - because there are on a horrible losing streak.

Another friend called me yesterday and asked if I wanted tickets to the All-Star Pre-Game Celebration at Yeatman's Cove (Cincy's Millionaire harbor on the Ohio River on the east side of Downtown Cincy and the ballpark). I said, "HELL YEAH! I'm home; I can can come get them right now!" So I had to drive downtown and pick them up at the ballpark office, and I didn't even think about the All-Star game crowd. It cost me $15 just to park and go get the tickets! That's okay, though, I don't mind -- the Pre-Party is invite only, so maybe I'll run into Charlie Sheen! They also have an outdoor MLB All-Star store set up outside the ballpark. I got a foot-long black foam mustache, and ASG magnet, and a Rosy Red All-Star Game lapel pin (I've been wearing Rosy since I bought her yesterday).

I really wanted to go to the Celebrity Game today - Snoop Dog is playing - but I never got any tickets in time. I started looking for a pair on Craigslist last night - and found some. The seller said the face value for each ticket was $50, and would take the best offer, so I offered him $50 for the pair. So, around midnight, I texted him - he responded this morning at 7 when I was still sleeping and said okay. By the time I rolled out of bed around 8:30, he had already responded back and said he had found another buyer for $75 :( Oh well, it's probably going to rain. I'm down at my incall downtown right now, and it's sunny. It was cloudy when Mr. Rocco (my doggie) roller-bladed around 11:30 today, but it never rained. I'm not even going to check the weather - I don't want to know if I'm going to be soaking wet all day Tuesday!


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