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July 6, 2015


I had a great birthday (even though the Reds lost). Had great seats behind home plate, except the home team forgot to show up :)

Slowly but surely, I'm building the new site. If you see any typos or have any suggestions, please email them to me. I added a few new pics in each section (in the gallery and in the Premium Membership section. I posted a short video GIF of a smiling BJ - my next big attempt is to add the raw video from that to the site. I'm not for sure on my site's video file-size limitations, but I will figure it out. I could only upload about a minute of crappy-resolution video to my old site. Hopefully this new site treats me better with my videos.

Evenutally I am going to turn this page into a nice, neat, professional-looking blog page, but for now, this works :)

When I lost the old site, I realized that I had around 50 or 60 blog posts/writings on there, all of which are now lost. I was able to copy the text/writing on each main page of the site (you can see the old site here), but all my individual blog posting were not saved into the archive - at least on that site. Please contact me if you are able to locate my old blogs from on another website archive site.

Anyway, I'm home and seeing clients in Cincinnati until around July 20 or 21. Then I'm heading to Atlanta and Philly to see a couple USMNT matches (US Men's Soccer) and a Braves/Dodgers game. I will be back July 29, and I will be in Cincinnati until around August 10th or so when I head to my Carolina house again.

#CincinnatiReds #birthday #premiummembers #videos #blog #soccer #Atlanta #Philadelphia #AtlantaBraves #LADodgers #baseball #Carolinahouse #newsite #tourschedule

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