This was a free photo shoot using my own camera - really, anyone can take good pictures (model or photographer) as long as you have the time and patience (and tropical cocktails :).  All of the pictures were taken in natural light, or regular house lights (lamps and overheads and such - nothing fancy).  The only editing I have done is crop the pictures, and blur out my face (you can see unblurred pics if you are a premium member).  Oh, I blurred out parts of my photographer, too.  Unfortunately, I'm not proficient with PhotoShop - I don't even own a copy - so what you see in these pictures is exactly what I look like in person.  I'm surprised I figured out how to blur my face, actually.  I'm just not very tech - savy, but I'm slowly teaching myself how to be.

These are just random pictures I already had on my MacBook - some are older, some are newer - but I think they all look pretty hot and sexy :)  If you want to ask me about a certain picture (how old it is, or where it was taken, etc.), just email me!  I'll be happy to tell you - if I can even remember :)